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Spirit, Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka


A true craft product, made by Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries – Boyd & Blair Vodka is made with a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and demonstrating true craftsmanship in distilling.  5-Star Master Distiller, Barry Young, produces this based on instinct and taste – not by automation.  The distillery is family owned and operated; from the potato mashing all the way to sealing and signing every bottle by hand.  Their passion for personal, detailed and labor-intensive work is evident.   Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka is smooth, creamy, semi-sweet to the taste with the absence of a harsh “bite” often found in vodka.  

Rated 5 stars by F. Paul Pacult, Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka has been ranked as the top vodka in the world in the Ultimate Spirits Challenge Top 100 Spirits list.

“The fact that Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, produced in a small distillery near Pittsburgh, PA, has won back-to-back Chairman’s Trophies for the Unflavored Vodka category at Ultimate Spirits Challenge is a testament to its quality. To convincingly prevail two years running against the world’s finest vodkas from nations with storied pedigrees, such as Poland, Sweden, Finland, France, Russia and more, is nothing short of historic.” said Ultimate Beverage founder and Judging Director for the Ultimate Spirits Challenge, F. Paul Pacult, named ‘America’s foremost spirits authority’ by