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Plant, Ficus-Petiolaris 6"


Ficus petiolaris is native to Mexico, and was first mentioned in 1817 by the German botanist Carl Sigismund Kunth, who was known for being one of the first to study and categorise plants from the American continent. In its habitat it may grow 10-30 meters tall. Ficus petiolaris is commonly called rock fig, because it is often found growing in rocky areas where the roots stretch over rocks in search of rooting soil. The tree develop a large and distinctive woody basal caudex in early age why it is great to be trained as bonsai. Grown indoor Ficus petiolaris rarely sets flowers and fig.

Ficus petiolaris is a very easy houseplant. It thrives in part sun to part shade in well-drained potting soil. If you want your tree to grow large, plant in large pots and fertilize regularly during summer season to promote good growth. Keep it to the dry side to prevent overwatering.