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Hess Select Sauvignon Blanc 2022



Rugged, often wild, with never-ending complexity, this unique growing region has long been home to advocates for familyfocused sustainable viticulture. A relatively mild Mediterranean climate with predictable heating and cooling cycles is overlaid on a mélange of well-drained volcanic and gravelly soils perfect for concentrating vine energy. Rolling hillsides and benchlands offer prime vineyard sites producing flavorful fruit with layers of agreeable acids and balanced tannins.


“This wine is a classic expression of Sauvignon Blanc fermented in stainless steel without oak to show off the naturally bright, refreshing citrus fruit flavors. On the nose, it is led by fresh melon and grapefruit with a subtle presence of lychee. The wine is beautifully structured with flavors of yellow stone fruit complemented by elements of succulent peach and apricot, all of which are balanced by a perfect acidity and lemon zest on the bright, enjoyable finish. Our Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and truly easy to enjoy, and you won’t be surprised to find me relaxing with a glass at the end of the day.”

- Dave Guffy, Winemaker


Vintage 2022 began with a warm spring and little rain. By the time fall was kicking off a heat wave came through around Labor Day weekend, then shifted back to temperate conditions. This resulted in lower yields with small berries that were packed with intensely lush flavor. Early ripening, sunny summer heat, and a lack of water were balanced out by a very welcomed cool ending to the fall season. The extreme fall weather created interesting conditions for our fruit to steady and allowed us to harvest at the optimal moment to make a beautifully balanced wine. Vintage 2022 will continue to be celebrated for its dense fruit, bold structure , and unforgettable complexity.