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Spirit, Breuckelen 77 Whiskey


77 Whiskey Distilled from New York Wheat

Breuckelen Distilling was created in 2010 in the heard of Brooklyn New York, with a goal in mind to create delicious spirits which are crafted with honesty.  Here, the keys to quality and purity start with the high quality water sources in which they have access to.  In addition, using 100% white wheat, they believe they have crafted a whiskey which would be soft, warm and incredibly well-balanced.  Notes of Honey, toffee and burnt orange shine while subtle notes of backing spice carry through the finish.

Yet another NYC first: a whiskey made from 100% organically grown NY State wheat, distilled in Brooklyn, and matured at least four months in new American oak. Scents of vanilla, maple, and citrus emerge from the glass. Smooth, round, sweet and easy-drinking with flavors of maple and cinnamon make it easy to understand why the distiller refers to it as "French Toast Breakfast".