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Spirit, Maracame Plata Tequila


The Maracame, the name by which the Huichol ancient wizard is known, is not a mere medicine man; he is also a spiritual guide for his community and sometimes even works in civil positions.  As an acknowledgment of the dedication and the cultural importance of his character, this tequila has been named after the Maracame. The distillery which produces Maracame is owned by the Camarena Family of Arandas, in Jalisco Mexico, and was founded in 1938; although the family’s heritage in tequila actually began more than 250 years ago.  The Maracame Plata (silver) is a Gold Medal winner in the international review of spirits.  It is incredibly smooth, clear in color (unaged), and displays bright, creamy and spicy aromas of grilled pineapple, honeyed sweet potatoes, anise biscotti and pricly pear custard.  On the finish, long and smooth weight with accents of citrus, pepper, and sweet spices and herbs.