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Crossbarn Pinot Noir 2020



The Crossbarn pictured on this label is nestled in the middle of the 150-year-old Hobbs family farm, and the centerpiece inspiration for this wine label. Famed winemaker, Paul Hobbs, honors his family’s farming heritage and passion and value for farming sustainably. Paul’s first-hand experience of growing up on a farm made him notice the great influences of terroir on the character of the crops they grew. This Sonoma Coast pinot noir exhibits balance and elegance all while maintaining bright fruit and complex earth tones which hail from carefully selected cool climate vineyards. Juicy pomegranate, bing cherry with hints of earl grey tea and cinnamon introduce the wine, and follows with delicate acidity and a harmonious, layered palate. Enjoy with pizza, pasta, or grilled salmon.