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Folded Hills "Lilly" Rose 2021



Owners Kim and Andy Busch fell in love with Santa Barbara while traveling and found
themselves longing for the ranch life that Andy grew up in here in Saint Louis with Grant’s Farm as his family’s ancestral home. This wine is named for Andy’s great-grandmother, Lilly Anheuser, who married Adolphus Busch in 1861. All of the Folded Hills wines are a tribute to the family, past and present. They believe in quality in everything they do – as it pertains to their food, crops, and vineyards – which is why they farm organically and treat all wines as hand-crafted products. 2021 Lilly Rose is their fifth vintage of the wine – made from Grenache grown on the estate property. Made in a crowd-pleasing style, this wine shows notes of fresh-picked strawberries and pomegranate and has a lovely and lively acidity.