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The Flower Hunter: Seasonal flowers inspired by nature and gathered from the garden


In The Flower Hunter, Lucy Hunter takes us on an inspirational journey through a year in her garden and artist’s studio set among the mountains of North Wales.

Lucy's evocative, gently humorous words accompany her glorious photographs and exquisite floral arrangements, as she encourages the reader to marvel at the intricate cycles of the natural world, develop their own innate creativity, and to look for beauty in the everyday. Her garden provides the raw materials for Lucy's floral artistry—breathtaking naturalistic arrangements with all the painterly beauty and flourish of a Dutch still life. Simple projects accompany Lucy’s text, from drying garden flowers for an autumnal wreath to making your own journals and natural dyes to assembling lavish arrangements that showcase the voluptuous beauty of garden roses. Lucy believes that we all have a creative voice buried deep within. 
The Flower Hunter will encourage you to find your own creativity and help it to blossom.

About the Author

Lucy Hunter: With a lifetime designing award winning gardens, floral art and self-taught photography, Lucy's work is constantly looking at ways in which we can soften and meld the boundaries between the inside and out. Capturing for a moment the fine and transitory shifts in nature, the light of the changing seasons and always, colour, form and composition.

When she is not travelling, Lucy retreats to her own, invariably interwined garden and studio in the mountains in North Wales. UK. Here she designs, teaches and has a constant ongoing dialogue with the weeds in her garden.

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