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Ralph Lauren A Way of Living: Home, Design, Inspiration


A stunning celebration of Ralph Lauren’s signature home collections—including the designer’s own homes—which have inspired the world of interior design for nearly half a century.

The cinematic vision of Ralph Lauren is brought to life with a stunning and intimately written book that spans decades of innovation and influence by the iconic American designer. Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living, published by Rizzoli New York, commemorates the 40th anniversary of the home collection with the first comprehensive volume dedicated to the signature style of Ralph Lauren and his pioneering lifestyle approach to design. From trailblazing innovations that revolutionized the home industry to conceptualizing residential retailing and perfecting the art of hospitality, Lauren has created a multifaceted world that evokes emotion and inspires a more beautiful way of life.

This special volume presents a visual timeline of Ralph Lauren’s remarkable history as a lifestyle innovator. Lauren’s unparalleled ability to seamlessly blend fashion and the home is illustrated with the groundbreaking designs and innovative use of materials that have distinguished the home collection since its inception in 1983: menswear-inspired Oxford Cloth bedding that required the creation of special looms and took two years to refine; the sleek RL-CF1 chair, crafted of carbon fiber and inspired by Lauren’s McLaren F1 racecar; and an appreciation for a timeworn, weathered aesthetic, as exemplified in the iconic Writer’s Chair with its hand-burnished leather and rich patina. Historic achievements such as the opening of his first New York City flagship on Madison Avenue – which invited guests to experience the complete World of Ralph Lauren in a residential environment – and his renowned restaurants that offer the epitome of gracious hospitality, demonstrate the magnitude of Ralph Lauren’s influence on the worlds of lifestyle design and hospitality. The timeline is complete with quotes from distinguished members of the design world and prominent figures of our culture including 
Oprah WinfreyHillary Rodham Clinton, and architecture critic Paul Goldberger.
Ralph Lauren’s signature ability to create transportive environments begins with his private homes that inspire his iconic lifestyle collections. Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living offers an in-depth look at all the places Lauren calls home, from a sprawling ranch in Colorado and an island retreat in Jamaica, to a Fifth Avenue penthouse overlooking Manhattan’s Central Park, a seaside home in Montauk and a country estate in Bedford. Lauren’s homes are deeply personal expressions of his vision for living; captivating imagery is complemented by essays and descriptions written in his own words that intimately express the meaning of home and share inspiration and anecdotes for each residence. The photos of Lauren’s captivating homes are followed by a celebration of Ralph Lauren Home’s lifestyle collections – cinematic worlds that are brought to life with iconic imagery showcasing Lauren’s pioneering lifestyle approach and all-encompassing home collection.

Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living honors the life and work of a true visionary and innovator. Ralph Lauren’s monumental impact on the way we live is as recognizable today as it was groundbreaking 40 years ago. His vision is not about trends of the moment, but is built upon values and things that last, and his legacy will continue to shape the places we call home.

Cover photo by Richard Corman.

Editorial Reviews


"Step into the world of Ralph Lauren. This special volume details the evolution of the renowned designer's influence on interiors and the way we live. Discover how Lauren seamlessly blends fashion and the home with a visual timeline of his remarkable history within the lifestyle arena." —VERANDA

"A huge range of styles are displayed here, from the couple’s minimalist white apartment on Central Park to the antler-clad getaway in the Rockies. Each is perfectly curated, down to how the blue-velvet settee in a Bedford sitting room plays off the green felt of the pool table. “Our homes are a canvas for living,” Lauren writes. And he has filled them artfully. Aristocratic layering is a guiding principle of his interiors — never too many tartan blankets — but any time the color and pattern threaten to riot, wooden antiques and crackled-leather furniture keep it earthy and grounded." ~1st Dibs

"Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the company’s home collection, the book includes a visual time line of its countless innovations as well as a detailed look at all the places from which Lauren gains inspiration, including his own homes. Also included is a collection of personal essays, written by the designer himself, and quotes from Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and architecture critic Paul Goldberger." ~Airmail

"Published on the 40th anniversary DISCOVERIES of Ralph Lauren Home, the volume both surveys the designer’s own abodes and chronicles the evolution of his trailblazing lifestyle brand—launched in 1983as a furnishings extension to his fashion empire. “Our homes are a canvas for living,” he writes. “Whether we live in the city, the country ,on a farm, at the beach, in a penthouse or cabin, each is home and tells our story.” ~AD

"There is nothing radical about Ralph Lauren—but don’t let that fool you. With his shapeshifting, canny retakes on tradition, Lauren has long set the trends on how we dress, live, and head out on the town. This year marks four decades since Lauren galloped his way into the home sphere—one of the first major fashion designers to do so. His new book...celebrates 40 years of design. The book is the first dedicated to Lauren’s focus on lifestyle and makes the case that his influence has been as profound in the home sphere as it has been in fashion." ~ Elle Decor

"The centerpiece of the book is the exclusive look into Lauren’s impeccably designed private residences, where he shares his life with his family. From his expansive ranch in Colorado to his tranquil island retreat in Jamaica, his idyllic beach house in Montauk, the cosmopolitan allure of his Manhattan penthouse, and the rustic charm of his country estate in Bedford, each of these homes serves as a testament to Lauren’s unique vision of modern living. The visual journey through these residences is followed by a celebration of Ralph Lauren’s lifestyle collections." ~Quest

"Who doesn’t want to live in a Ralph Lauren store? The genius designer is known for his sophisticated, classic interiors almost as much as his iconic clothing. In this gorgeous new tome commemorating 40 years of his home collection, Lauren invites us into his jaw-dropping residences in Montauk, NY, Jamaica, New York City, Colorado, and Bedford, NY—and the visuals are both beautiful and inspiring." ~ Serendipity

About the Author

Ralph Lauren began his career in 1967, designing neckties under the label Polo. Today, his collections include menswear, womenswear, accessories, fragrance, and home. He has received numerous awards and is the only designer to receive the CFDA’s four highest honors. In 2019 he received an honorary KBE for Services to Fashion from the Prince of Wales. Mary Randolph Carter [SS1] is an author, photographer, designer, and longtime creative director for Ralph Lauren.
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